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Hall Clips

When Lead flashings are installed, they are secured in place into the chase of the brickwork or masonry. The traditional method for fixing flashings is to use Lead wedges. However, this method can result in a loose fixing. Hall Clips are an effective alternative to wedges.
Hall Clips & Hall Clips Plus
Hall Clips are an effective alternative to wedges.
They are high tensile ‘v’ shaped stainless steel clips, designed by a roofing contractor to save time and provide a more secure fixing. They hold the Lead flashings in position so that they can be dressed down in to place.
Standard Hall Clips should be used when fixing flashings in a 6-18mm chase. Hall Clips Plus can be used for chase heights of 18-26mm.
  • Gives a professional finish to linear and step flashing
  • Provides a secure fixing
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Improves installation time
  • Helps prevent theft
  • Hall Clips should be inserted with ‘H’ uppermost
  • Easily secured with screwdriver or similar tool
  • Flashing lengths should not exceed 1.5 metres
  • Use in combination with BLM Lead Pointing Sealant for a clean finish
Packaging and Coverage
  • Standard Hall Clips available in packs containing 50 clips each
  • Hall Clips plus available in packs containing 25 clips each
  • Each pack of Standard Hall Clips fixes up to 20 linear metres of flashing
  • Each pack of Hall Clips Plus fixes up to 10 linear metres of flashing
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