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BLM Quality Rolled Lead Sheet


As an industry leader, we are committed to supporting and protecting our people, communities and the environment. We are fully focused on responsible production and strive to minimise our environmental footprint by reducing our energy, waste and carbon emissions.

Health & Safety

As a responsible manufacturer, Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us. We always strive to ensure our products are handled, stored and disposed of correctly to offer maximum protection for our employees, customers and the environment.

Fitting Guides

Our basic fitting guides are available to assist our customers with installing Lead Sheet in a range of applications including flashings, valleys, gutters and flat roofing. Get your perfect fit by viewing our guides today.
At BLM we are proud of our reputation for producing quality Lead Sheet – all manufactured to BS EN 12588, which ensures thickness consistency

Our manufacturing site in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire handles all aspects of Lead Sheet production, including recycling, rolling and testing, before the final product is cut to size and packed ready for distribution.

Roofing - Construction


Manufactured with an absolute commitment to quality and performance, our Rolled Lead Sheet achieves BS EN 12588 ensuring a precise predetermined thickness. 
Chevron Bricks - Nuclear


Lead is highly effective for shielding against radiation and neutron flux produced during fission. BLM Lead is used in Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors - LFR technology.
Anode - Mining


Our sister company, LPF, and other ECOBAT group companies produce world class, high conductivity, low corrosion Lead Anodes for metal refining purposes.

Sound Insulation


Lead has the flexibility, and all the properties needed to make a good sound barrier. With Lead, it is impossible to radiate sound and very difficult to be set into vibration. Our Lead for this application is used as far afield as South East Asia.

Naval Maritime


Our Lead is used by leading corporations in the Naval/Maritime for ballast, buoyancy control, corrosion resistance as well as radiation shielding due to our best manufacturing practice and quality control.

X ray Healthcare


Shielding from the effects of radiation in essential, life saving technology is a core function of Lead. We supply some of the largest fabricators who utilise Lead in producing scanning and diagnostical equipment.