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Setting-In Stick

The BLM Roofing Tools Setting-In Stick is primarily used to set in lines or folds in the Lead prior to bossing, to set Lead in to corners or used as a finishing tool to set in clean lines when the Lead is in its final position.
BLM Roofing Tools Setting in Stick
Made in Britain and comes with a lifetime warranty against material defects 
  • Machine milled with a wedge shaped face, from a solid block of ultra-high molecular weight poly ethylene which provides excellent resistance to splitting and maintains shape for extreme durability
  • Setting-in Stick can also be used with other metals including zinc, copper, stainless steel and aluminium
  • The handle has sufficient lift to clear the user’s knuckles

For more information on the BLM Roofing Tools Setting-In Stick and to order online, please visit


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