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Thickness consistency is one of the key attributes that sets Rolled Lead Sheet apart from all other methods of manufacture. Lead can expand and contract considerably due to temperature variations. Lead Sheet with a consistent thickness will expand and contract at an even rate.

Best quality Rolled Lead Sheet

British Standard BS EN 12588 was drawn up to ensure Rolled Lead Sheet is produced to precise and consistent thickness tolerances and exact chemical composition. This ensures the maximum lifespan for correctly fitted Lead Sheet used in construction. The British Standard requires that Lead Sheet conforms to quality of not less than 99.81% pure Lead and has a range of standard thicknesses with a tolerance of +/- 5%.  At BLM, we always aim at a quality of not less than 99.93% Lead in the alloy used for producing our Rolled Lead Sheet. 

Best quality Rolled Lead Sheet

All other methods of manufacturing Lead Sheet in the UK produce a finished product with an inconsistent thickness that will expand and contract at an uneven rate. Over time the Lead can suffer from fatigue at its’ thinnest points potentially causing premature failure. No other method of manufacturing Lead Sheet achieves the British Standard.

50 year warranty

Rest assured, all BLM Rolled Lead Sheet conforms to BS EN 12588 and comes backed with a 50 year warranty, providing it is installed in accordance with the Lead Sheet Training Academy “Rolled Lead Sheet Manual” and BS 6915, which specify the correct design and construction of Lead Sheet roof and wall coverings.
Warranty Statement for Rolled Lead Sheet produced to BS EN 12588: 2006 Standard is available to DOWNLOAD HERE
50 year warranty BS EN 12588
50 warranty British Lead
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