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Hallhook is a permanent, secret and fail safe device that is used when replacing a broken slate. 
Standard Underlay
Hallhook is brought to you by the makers of Hall Clip.
Hallhooks provide a more superior and robust fixing than metal strips, plastic or silicone, which are either unsightly or unlikely to last the test of time. Hallhooks are quick and simple to use giving you more time to repair more broken slates.

It is recommended to replace a roof slate with Hallhook:
  • For general repair
  • After solar panel bracket mounting
  • After roof light/window installation
  • After installing slate vents
  • Remove broken slate
  • Position Hallhook between slates so the bottom hook is 10mm above finished slate baseline and fix with nail
  • Hang accompanying pull on hook
  • Slide new slate into place. Gently pull the hookpull until the Hallhook hooks the base of the slate. Remove hook pull. Do not over stretch.
  • Available in packs containing 10 Hallhooks and 1 Hookpull

A Product Data Sheet providing handling, use and storage advice can be found on the download below


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