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Lead-Cote is a solvent free alternative to Patination Oil that prevents the white carbonate that forms on newly fitted Lead from staining adjacent materials. Lead-Cote should be used on Lead roofing, flashings and cladding to give a uniform, attractive appearance where the Lead is visible. It is also suitable for use when working close to UPVC and bitumen based materials.
Lead-Cote is a water based alternative to Patination Oil, providing an environmentally friendly protective coating for all types of Lead application. 
  • Prevents the white carbonate that forms on newly fitted Lead from staining adjacent materials
  • Solvent free, water based alternative to Patination Oil
  • Provides a uniform, attractive appearance to new Leadwork
  • Safer and easier to use than Patination Oil
  • Easy to apply
For best results:
  • Spray on to a clean soft cloth, then wipe on to the Lead
  • Work horizontally or vertically in straight lines
  • The leading edge and underside of the sheet should be coated to a depth of 75mm
  • Apply at least two coats
  • Can be applied to Lead up to 2 weeks after it has been exposed to moisture
  • Apply in a well-ventilated area, away from naked flames
  • Suitable gloves should be worn
Packaging and Coverage
  • Available in 500ml spray-gun containers
  • Coverage is between 40m2 - 60m2 per litre, per coat

Lead Cote ‘How To’ Video Transcription

Below is a transcription of a video shot by BLM with Tim Fuge, Young Leadworker of the Year 2016, on the correct way to apply Lead-Cote onto Lead Flashings.
Tim Fuge:
Hi, my name is Tim Fuge and we're here at the LSA Training Centre in Kent to bring you the latest BLM guide to using Lead-Cote.

Why Use Lead-Cote on Lead Sheet

Tim Fuge:
When newly fitted Lead Sheet is exposed to moisture, it builds up a natural patina in the form of a soluble white Lead carbonate. Future exposure to rain will wash the carbonate onto adjacent materials, causing unsightly staining or discoloration. BLM Lead-Cote is a water based surface treatment, providing a solvent free alternative to Patination Oil. It prevents white carbonate from forming on the surface of newly fitted Lead Sheet and reduces the risk of staining to adjacent materials. Lead-Cote should be applied to lead roofing, flashings, and claddings, to give a uniformed attractive appearance where the Lead Sheet is visible. It's also necessary where water flowing from the lead sheet surface may come into contact with other visible building materials.

Tim Fuge:
Lead Cote is ideal for use when working close to UPVC and bitumen based materials. Be sure the Lead is clean, dry, and free from cement, dust, and loose debris that may affect adhesion. Gloves should always be worn. Shake the bottle prior to opening, spray onto a clean, soft cloth and apply to the Lead Sheet, working horizontally or vertically in straight lines.

When to apply Lead-Cote to Lead Sheet

Tim Fuge:
Two coats of Lead Cote should be applied to all visible surfaces, clips, leading edges, both surfaces in lap joints, and underside of flashings to a depth of 75mm. Although it is best to apply as soon as possible, Lead-Cote can be applied up to two weeks later, even if the Lead has been exposed to moisture. Where foot traffic may occur during the fitting of Lead Sheet, a second application should be applied on completion of the project, when all surrounding work is finished. BLM Lead-Cote is available in half litre spray gun containers, which should provide approximately 20 to 30 square meters of coverage per cote and is recommended as an alternative to Patination Oil.

Tim Fuge:
For further information, or to download a technical or health and safety data sheet, then please visit

Tim Fuge:
Thanks for watching, and don't forget to check out more videos from BLM on YouTube, or via the free BLM App available to download from your App store.
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