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We are proud to play a leading role in recycling Lead scrap and preventing its disposal in landfill. Being part of ECOBAT Technologies Group, the world's largest producer and recycler of Lead, ensures 100% of the raw material used to manufacture our Rolled Lead Sheet is either recycled by BLM or our sister companies.

Lead Recycling

ECOBAT incorporate smelting and other production facilities throughout Europe, United States and South Africa, including Europe’s largest Lead recycling facility HJ Enthoven and Sons located near Matlock, Derbyshire which is the key to BLM’s strategy of producing a fully recycled range of Lead products. ECOBAT also offer a closed recycling loop for Lead-Acid batteries. To find out more please click here.

100% Recycled Lead

Lead recycling makes an important contribution to achieving and maintaining sustainable development in the construction industry through a simple and energy-efficient recovery process. The relatively low melting point of Lead, 327°C, means the process has a low carbon footprint and a minimal environmental impact.

BLM’s Lead Recycling Procedure:

1. Lead is extracted from used materials, such as Lead scrap. The scrap Lead comprises of reclaimed Lead Sheet, Lead pipe, off-cuts and waste from our manufacturing process.
2. The scrap is loaded into kettles and heated up to 450°C, where the Lead melts and the impurities in the scrap rise to the surface. The impurities or “dross” is skimmed off and sent to other ECOBAT companies for further processing.
3. The Lead is refined to achieve the correct alloy. Molten Lead is then poured into casting trays where a final skim of the surface leaves us with not less than 99.93% pure Lead alloy.
BLM’s Lead Recycling Procedure:
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