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Rolled Lead Anodes are used in the non-ferrous electrorefining and electrowinning industries, primarily for the extraction of zinc, copper, nickel and cobalt.
BLM’s sister company, Le Plomb Français, offers a range of RSR patented anodes that are renowned for their high quality, unrivalled performance, excellent resistance to corrosion and long service life.

This provides customers with improvements in productivity, costs and return on investment.
Rolled lead-silver anodes (0.5% - 1%) with a welded hanger bar are produced for zinc electrowinning. In addition anodes can be produced using RSR’s unique Z735 alloy with a low silver content and improved mechanical properties. 
Rolled lead-calcium-tin anodes are primarily used in the extraction of copper, nickel and cobalt and benefit from improved productivity, corrosion and mechanical properties.

They can be produced with a welded or slotted hanger bar, which provides a longer service life of the joint between the anode plate and hanger bar.

We are able to provide full technical support for our anode products, utilising the resources of fellow ECOBAT Technologies group member
RSR Technologies Inc., a world leader in anode research and development.

For more information on these products please contact us.


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