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T-Pren Expansion Joints

 A large number of buildings in the UK contain Lead-lined parapet or box gutters. The correct design for a Lead-lined gutter incorporates drips and falls or “steps”. However, in many buildings the gutter design may prevent the use of the correct drip detail or the necessary restructuring of the gutter, potentially leading to the over-sizing of the Lead bays that make up the gutter lining. BLM Lead T-Pren provides a quick and cost effective solution to this problem where its use as an expansion joint allows the Lead to be laid along the slope of the gutter.
T-Pren Expansion Joints
BLM Lead T-Pren consists of two 3m long strips of Code 5 Rolled Lead Sheet, double bonded to a neoprene middle section. T-Pren is cut into sections and laid across the width of the gutter. The Lead strips are welded to the adjacent sheets and the neoprene section allows for their thermal movement.
  • Always use the recommended underlay for the substrate
  • Ensure that Lead T-Pren joints are fitted no further than 1 metre from either side of an apex
  • A double weld should be sufficient when lap welding to Code 6
  • Lead T-Pren joints should be fixed at maximum 2m intervals
  • Standard Lead T-Pren: 3m long x 385mm wide
Lead T-Pren Plus
In addition to Standard Lead T-Pren, Lead T-Pren Plus incorporates a protective Lead cover strip over the neoprene section to protect from UV rays and foot traffic as well as provide a uniform appearance where the gutter may be visible.
  • Overcomes the problem of incorporating the recommended drip detail when laying Lead-lined gutters
  • Allows for thermal expansion
  • Double bonded for extra strength
  • Lead T-Pren Plus protects against UV rays and foot traffic damage and provides a uniform appearance
  • Proven reliability with over 35 years of use with no recorded failure
  • Backed by a 10 year guarantee
  • Lead T-Pren Plus: 1.5m x 385mm wide
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