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BLM Unislates provide complete weatherproofing where flue pipes and soil stacks penetrate a slate or profiled roof tile. 
The Unislate has a conical upstand and is manufactured from Code 4 Rolled Lead Sheet. It suits 100mm - 125mm outside pipe diameters and designed for roof pitches between 20° - 40°.
  • Provides weathertight joint
  • Effective in providing a weathering for pipes penetrating profiled tiles
  • Saves welding
  • No maintenance required
  • Unislates may be fitted in place when tiles are being laid and before the flue pipe is installed
  • Ensure that slates/tiles are fitted closely to the soil pipe
  • Apply Patination Oil to prevent unsightly carbonate from staining adjacent materials
  • Base dimensions: 550mm x 480mm - minimum upstand 150mm
  • Pipe sizes: 100 – 125mm outside pipe diameter

Full description of the product can be found on the download below:

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