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Wood Roll & King Roll

BLM Wood Roll is used to provide an aesthetically pleasing expansion joint between two separate sheets of Lead. Clever design of wood roll joints can provide an exceptional focal point for a building.
Wood Roll is often used when installing Lead-lined gutters, Lead cladding, flat and pitched roofing applications. Lead Sheets are formed around the wood roll in a cloak design to provide a watertight joint without restricting their movement. Wood Roll is also used to at hip and ridge intersections.
Wood Roll & King Roll
BLM King Roll has a larger profile than Wood Roll and is used to form larger, more aesthetically pleasing, hip and ridge joints.
BLM’s Wood Roll & King Roll are manufactured using treated soft wood timber that has been impregnated with wood preservatives consisting of fungicides, insecticides and water repellent.
  • Forms an aesthetically pleasing joint on flat or pitched Lead roofs and Lead cladding
  • Each length is undercut at the base to help form a joint that will resist wind-lift
  • Wood Roll should be fitted over Building Paper or Standard Underlay
  • Wood Roll should be fixed to the substrate using 3″stainless steel screws at 450mm centres.
  • Fixing a Lead joint using Wood Roll requires a 40mm splash lap. This serves to stiffen the free edge and keep it in position.
  • The alternative is to use a copper clip fixed behind the undercloak at 450mm centres.
BLM Wood Roll:
  • 1200mm lengths x 45mm diameter
  • 2400mm lengths x 45mm diameter
BLM King Roll:
  • 1200mm lengths x 75mm diameter

A Product Data Sheet providing advice on their use can be found on the download below

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